Whispers at the Altar


     Christa didn’t know this place. It was dark. Not just because of the blackened and blasted rocky landscape. Not only because of the low threatening storm clouds. It was as if the very air were made of shadow. As if someone had taken the umbra of twilight and given it substance and form.

     She was standing on a hill, that much she knew, but fog shrouded its base and anything else that might serve as a landmark to give her direction. So she stood there, turning in circles as she peered out into the black.

     “Hello?” The sound was consumed by the dark. “Hello?”

     She thought she heard a reply. A low rumble like rocks breaking.

     “Where are you?” It was impossible to tell. The sound echoed all around her. “Who are you?”

     “You called to me,” the distant voice growled. “Yet you claim not to know me?” It sounded amused, like the lion talking to mouse under its paw.

     Christa swallowed. “S-Ssanek?”


When you’ve done the unthinkable, what wouldn’t you do to make it right?  Lie? Steal?  Kill?

For thirteen years, Steven’s mother is all he’s known.  But when she tries to sacrifice him to summon Ssanek, a long-dead god, he is forced to fight back. However, Ssanek’s appetite cannot be sated, and his cult continues to grow.  Now Steven must decide between abandoning the world to their fate or risking those he cares for most in a hopeless fight to banish Ssanek before he consumes enough blood to be unstoppable.

Half-elven Christabel misses her dead mother desperately. Abandoned at the elven palace, she struggles to control her magic while at the same time fighting those who see her human heritage as poison. Then she meets Ssanek, and the god offers her the only thing she really wants.  A way to bring her mother back.  But will Christabel be willing to give what he asks in return?  After all, every wish has a price.  And Ssanek’s is blood.

Separated by thousands of miles, these two strangers must fight against themselves and an evil the world has not seen in six-hundred years.  But only together will they find the strength to defeat what neither could overcome alone.

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Dramatis Persona
  • Christabel
  • Sinna
  • Westrel
  • Kadin
  • Steven
  • Honovi
  • Brogan
  • Vaniel