Vaniel Bio


     Vaniel barked a laugh. “You think anyone here cares? Who do you think is going to come running to your rescue? No one wants you here, Freak. You are nothing but a sad-eared half-human pretending at being something else. Like a sow pretending she deserves a seat at the table. Do you know what we do to a pig?”

     She reached out a hand and Christa’s feet scrabbled for purchase as she leaned back. Vaniel laughed. “Did you see how she flinched?” 

     The cronies all laughed as told.

     Vaniel leaned forward, until her breath brushed over Christa’s ear. “You should be afraid of me.”



Vaniel Sablehawk is the youngest child and only daughter of Lord Palatan Sablehawk, possibly the most powerful noble in Ellsabareth aside from the Queen.  She has grown up knowing nothing but the capital city, the palace, and the certainty that she and her family are better than anyone else.  But she has also lived in the shadow of her older brother, Adasian.  Smart, strong, and cunning, he casts a long shadow that she has never been able to step out of.

That is, until the half-human freak, Christabel Sellers came to the Roost.  The very thought of someone so contaminated by the filthy humans thinking she has any place in the palace is revolting enough.  But to wear her hair as though she were equal to nobility?  Here, surely, is Vaniel’s chance to seize the attention of her father.  To step out from the shadow of her brother.  To prove that the Sablehawks are true protectors of elven culture and of the elven people.  It all depends on Christabel.

All Vaniel needs to do, is destroy her.