Welcome to Carith!

And thank you for visiting my site.  Here you will find all sorts of information on the world of Carith and the Altar Trilogy particularly.  While it may not all be here now, it will be soon, including character profiles, maps, art, and of course free chapters.  Please, take a minute to look around, read a bit, and drop me a note.

This being my first update here, I thought I would take a minute to talk about what I’m doing and where I plan to go from here.  I finished Whispers at the Altar earlier this year and immediately began shopping the manuscript around to numerous agents.  At the same time, however, I had very particular ideas about how I wanted to format this book, and what I wanted the finished product to look like.  The more these ideas came to me, and the more I realized the odds of them becoming reality through a traditional publishing path, the more I began to lean toward publishing it myself.  Call me a control freak, but the idea of having complete oversight over the entire process just appeals to me too much.

Yet, like any business venture, there are costs involved if one wants to do it right.  This is where Kickstarter comes in.  Through a quick campaign there, I have the opportunity to raise the funds I need as well as connect with who I hope will be future lifelong fans of my work.

Where am I going?  Well, first there is the rest of the Altar Trilogy to finish.  Don’t worry, it’s already plotted to the end.  No seemingly endless dozen book series here.  My goal is to write one book every year.  But Carith is only one world in the vast galaxy of stories I have to tell.  A galaxy that will grow and expand with each book I write.

So, please, make yourself comfortable.  Both here and on my Kickstarter page.  Even if you opt not to become a supporter, I would love to hear from you.  There is nothing better for a writer than to interact with the people who enjoy their work, and I am an enormous fan of feedback.  So kick your feet up, relax, and enjoy.  I know I will be.


“One doesn’t create a story like this casually, or by accident… …[Cornelius] left no stone unturned in this world. There are no neglected characters or ideas. In his wake, he leaves a rich landscape with a living history and culture.”

– Jason Jack Miller – The Devil and Preston Black

“Neo-retro adventure fantasy. Horror-nuanced epic fantasy. A fantastical coming-of-age tale. However you want to categorize Cornelius’ debut novel, this much is true: he could very well be the illegitimate lovechild of Michael Moorcock and Raymond E. Feist. Cornelius’ shelf-bending first novel is very much like Feist’s Midkemia sequence. Set in a sprawling, meticulously described realm inhabited by humans, elves, and other sentient creatures, the narrative is powered by intimate storylines while a much larger story arc (a looming evil that could shroud the world in darkness) binds them all together. Tonally, the novel is comparable to Moorcock’s classic adventure fantasy saga featuring Dorian Hawkmoon. Deftly plotted and action-packed, this is essentially adventure fantasy on a grand scale. Fantasy fans tired of the same old storylines from authors like Brooks, Weeks, and Goodkind should seek out Cornelius’ debut—it’s ambitious, immersive, and thematically profound.”

– Paul Goat Allen, Veteran Genre Fiction Reviewer

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